Return Policy

In the case of product problems after taking the product (such as broken product, broken, broken size, product not working, product does not match the product, etc.), you can get the full price of the purchased product subject to the following conditions.

1) After receiving delivery, in the maximum 48 hours you want to mail to or register to +6583559941 number complain.
2) In the refund field, the complete character must contain the box of the product.
3) The product that you sobarsera must of course must return your responsibility within a maximum of 7 working days.

4) If the prices of the products are written on the price and for some reason the cost of todaycdill is more than that, then for additional charges, you can register for 48 hours by If your complain is correct, then the additional price you pay will be refunded within 30 working days.

Call our Complain team for any complaints regarding products and services. We want to activate the phone until your complaint is resolved. If the number given on your contact is not active, any number of options will remain active. For refund you will tell us how to refund money. If you do not have any kind of cooperation within phone or email within 15 working days, then your complaint will be settled.

Q: Complaint about the question
Phone: +6583559941 Email:


If you are eligible for refunding your product, you can choose your preferred return method based on the table below. The shipping fee is refunded along with the payment for your refunded products.

The time required to complete the refund depends on your chosen return method. Once we have received your product (2-3 business days) and it has received a quality control (1-2 working days), the expected back-processing times are as follows:

Please note that this policy does not apply to SOBARSERA Global Products.

Payment method return time to return option

Refund voucher

Work 1-2 days

Debit or credit card

Work 25-45 days

Debit or credit card payment reversal

Work 25-45 days

Bank deposits / mobile payments reversal

7 working days

Cash On Delivery (COD)

Work 15-20 days

Bank deposit

Work 25-45 days

Important note: The voucher discount code can only be applied once. Although the price of the order is smaller than the voucher value, the remaining money will not be refunded or used for the next purchase.